Source code for torch_layers.upsample

import torch
from torch.nn import functional as F

[docs]class Upsample(torch.nn.Module): """ Module to perform Upsampling to a given size. Should replace the deprecated ``torch.nn.Upsample2d`` """ def __init__(self, target_size, mode='bilinear'): """[summary] Parameters ---------- target_size : int or tuple output spatial size. mode : str algorithm used for upsampling: 'nearest' | 'linear' | 'bilinear' | 'trilinear' | 'area'. Default: 'nearest' """ super().__init__() self.target_size = target_size self.mode = mode
[docs] def forward(self, input_tensor): """ Performs the actual upsampling Parameters ---------- input_tensor : :class:`torch.Tensor` the input tensor to be upsampled Returns ------- :class:`torch.Tensor` upsampled tensor """ return F.interpolate(input_tensor, self.target_size, mode=self.mode, align_corners=False)